Yoga Class Prep Course - 7 days


Many people are curious about wanting to start a Yoga practice but have needs that go beyond the environment of a group class.


Have you always wanted to attend a Yoga Class but are scared to attend out of worry of fear, stiffness, or simply don’t have enough time?

In this course of over 30 videos, I will share the secrets of knowing EVERYTHING you need to start attending ANY Yoga class.

The course is divided into 8 Sections where you learn the foundational techniques I use to get the best out of my practice.

The YCPC program will teach anatomy, movement directions, activation techniques, meditation practices, a breathwork builder, full classes, and more!

Countless people attend Yoga classes, never knowing what their body is doing or how to go deeper into postures. My course teaches you to understand the foundational elements of what constitutes a beautiful Yoga practice.

Through an easy-to-follow structure of short lectures, energizing classes, invigorating pranayama, and insightful meditation, the Yoga Class Prep Course is perfect for anyone wanting to know the foundational aspects of Yoga.

Where will I access this course?
The YCPC will be available through a free account with the UpCoach education platform. Registering with UpCoach takes less than 15 seconds and I will include a step-by-step email upon purchase.

How long can I access the program?
Access to the program will be life-long. You can watch the program as many times as you wish because there’s always something new to explore within your own understanding.

How much does the program cost?
The program will be available to the first 100 participants for 999/-. Then, the program will be available thereafter for 1499/-.

Are there recurring costs?
No - access to the course is a one-time charge. And includes lifetime access to all future updates. Once, and for all.

Will I be able to ask questions directly to Brent?
Absolutely! Within the platform is a message feature where you can ask me anything that applies to the course and your practice! I love helping people with their Yoga queries.