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Brent Goble


Years Of Experience



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"Brent is one of the most sincere teachers I have ever come across. He loves teaching and it shows in every class. So much improvement because of him in such less time. He attends lo every student and makes sure everyone is doing okay and helps them achieve whatever they are working for. My day is always better after doing his class in the morning. He is by far THE BEST."

Abigail Pande


"Loving Brent's yoga flow classes both online as well as in person which has completely transformed my practice. The sessions are challenging and yet one feels completely replenished with physical energy post sessions. He understands your bodies physical abilities and makes it respond accordingly. It's great to practise with such an awesome person and I always look forward for his sessions and the new limits we achieve."

Sandeep Bishnoi


"One of the best teachers I've come across. Brent is well experienced and knowledgeable. If vou want to deepen vour practice and fall in love with yourself and Yoga. Brent is the person you must reach out to. Would highly recommend his classes."

Abhimanika Tavi


"This is a path to learn the actual Yoga! Here is where I learnt to approach Yoga in the right way and detailed way. I always look forward to his classes. There is always something new to learn in each class. Additionally, I have never met another kind and humble person like Brent. With complete respect. he is my Guru."

Purnima Dayanand


"Love my online classes. It's something that I look forward to. Even if there are 5-6 more students online, he makes sure he gives equal attention lo each one of us. Kudos. Also love how accurate he is with his teachings and instructions. Online classes can't be better. Experience to believe it for yourself. Thank you, Guruji. Like I always say, NO ONE LIKE YOU."

Tina Datta


"I have been doing yoga for almost 20 years now. Have had many teachers. But I have never ever sweat sooo much in my life!!! Brent is so so good . This time I started my yoga after a break, so I thought it would be difficult. but he got me back in the saddle in almost z classes. I had never done a handstand ever... I did it in his first class. His practice is strong and he puts vou at ease."

Narayani Shastri


"So glad I could attend one of Brent's classes during my Goa trip. Wish I had more time here. He is extremely well-versed and professional. As a practitioner, I was impressed by how easily he could cater to what I was looking for within one class itself. Will be going back."

Amrita Das


"Brent is an incredible teacher. He knows exactly how much to push vou to achieve vour best each class. A skill that I admire most in a teacher. Plus the environment is super fun. friendly and peaceful. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to really further their practice."

Jules Jennings

"An Incredible and amazing teacher! Excellent experience. Motivales vou to do more. Super simple techniques. Best choice vou can make for voga. You need to experience to feel the difference."

Rabjeet Ahluwalia